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Shoulder Massages in Brighton and Hove

Shoulder massage in Brighton and Hove

Shoulder pain can cause severe discomfort and suffering, leaving you at the mercy of pain killers which eventually wear off. Massage therapy can provide the right kind of treatment to help make sure you can get back to the quality of life you enjoyed before shoulder pain. With the right combination of shoulder massage treatments, you can achieve relief from tight shoulder muscles, injury, or stress.

At Match Skin Salon, we serve the residents of Brighton in the hope that we can help improve their quality of life. We have the right experts to work with you and advise the right treatment for your shoulder problems. Why not come in and see our physio to recommend the right combination of shoulder massage therapies for your needs. You can call us on 01273719009 for more information or to book a free consultation.

Why do you have shoulder pain?

Before we can select the most appropriate treatment for your shoulder problems, we must get to the root of the issues. The shoulder happens to be the most movable joint in your body, but it also unstable given the range of motion allowed.

Shoulder injuries easily occur because the socket that holds the ball of the upper arm is actually smaller than the ball. Ligaments, tendons, and muscles help anchor the joint and keep it stable, but issues may occur with any of those tissues, resulting in pains and aches. Sometimes, issues in your neck may result in pain that makes its way to your shoulder via the nerves. In other cases, pain may be localized.

Shoulder massage for stress relief

Stress can have both physical and mental effects on the body and muscle tension is one of the most common signs. During a shoulder massage, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, are reduced. At the same time, there is an increase in serotonin, which helps your body to mentally relieve stress. You will also experience a reduction in muscle tension and tightness.

Shoulder massage for pain relief

You may experience pain and discomfort if there is a certain degree of muscle tightness, and a shoulder massage can help reduce that tightness. The levels of pain and discomfort can be so extreme that your everyday life becomes affected. Often, tight muscles in the shoulders is caused by injury and poor posture. You can save yourself a great deal of pain by booking an appointment with us and getting a shoulder massage.

Shoulder massage for prevention of injury

A shoulder massage helps to prevent injury in the shoulder region as a result of the improvement of lymphatic circulation and blood flow. This improved circulation helps to reduce the harmful toxins and products within the muscles that can cause damage to the muscles. Also circulated around the muscles are increased nutrients and oxygen, which contribute to making the muscles healthier and stronger. Furthermore, the flexibility and elasticity around the joints is improved.

How does a shoulder massage work?

The focal points of a shoulder massage are the muscles located around the shoulder area. Those muscles include rotator cuff muscles, rhomboids, and the upper trapezius. During a shoulder massage, blood flow is increased, subsequently increasing the temperature of the muscles. The raised temperature in those muscles leads to reduced pain and more relaxation. There are a good number of different shoulder massage techniques that help reduce pain and tightness.

Some of the shoulder problems massage therapy can help with include rehabilitation after dislocation, surgery, or fracture, arthritis pain, bursitis, tendonitis, impingement syndrome, and frozen shoulder.

What are the different shoulder massage techniques?

Some of the most common shoulder massage techniques used during a massage session include trigger pointing, skin rolling, effleurage, kneading, and acupressure.

The acupressure technique is performed using the fingertips or thumb on muscular knots and trigger points. Acupressure helps to trigger the body’s natural healing process and that causes more blood to flow to the shoulders. The increased blood flow provides the muscles with more nutrients and oxygen, which are needed for healing.

The trigger pointing technique involves placing pressure on the trigger points found in the middle of muscle fibres with the aim of helping to soften knots that may be leading to pain in the upper back area. Releasing the pressure triggers the body’s natural process of healing to send blood to that area.

The effleurage technique is performed using flattened hands and fingers, and it can be a very relaxing experience. The temperature if the muscles is increased by rubbing the skin to create friction.

The kneading technique is performed using fists or flat hands and it involves squeezing and pulling the soft tissue in order to improve blood and lymph flow. The friction resulting from the squeezing and pulling causes the temperature of the muscles to rise and improves elasticity. With better elasticity and flexibility, there will be less muscle tension, tightness, and pain.

While the increased temperature and better blood flow boosts muscle elasticity, effleurage has the added advantage of improving the lymphatic circulation,

which then increases the removal of toxins and waste products. The skin rolling technique produces a similar result in that it improves lymph flow, which aids the removal of toxins and waste products within tissues and muscles.

Can’t I get a massage at home?

Of course you can. You can give yourself a massage or have a relative do so, but it is really no substitute for a professional massage therapist. You might get temporary relief by rubbing your shoulders yourself, but a professional is experienced and knows exactly how to direct pressure in order to achieve long lasting results.

Your Match Skin Salon therapist will work with you to create a therapy regimen that will work best. Because a single treatment is often not sufficient, you will likely have to schedule subsequent appointments for as long as you need to. You can reach us anytime or book a free consultation in order to work out all the details of your shoulder massage treatment plan.

Are you ready for your first shoulder massage appointment yet? Book an appointment with Match Skin Salon today.

Unwind and relax at our luxurious tranquil massage treatment room, offering an array of massages. We are very proud of our new luxury massage room. We have thought of everything, firstly choosing the right masseuse.

All our staff are caring, passionate and take pride in every detail.

We have thought of everything, shower, perfect room and bed temperature, soothing music, scents, slipper and gowns provided.


Couples massage treatments

Visit our large but cosy couples room. With busy schedules it’s an ideal way to relax and be pampered together.

This divine 2 hour long treatment consist of one hour Luxury Facial and one hour Massage for two with a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival, only £199.



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