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Reflexology Therapy Treatment in Brighton and Hove

Feel great with reflexology therapy from Brighton and Hove’s leading skin salon

How would you like a body free of toxins, migraines, infections – one filled with energy and increased nerve function? Are you looking for alternative treatment options that accelerates healing after chemotherapy, reduces pain, sleep disorders and symptoms of depression?

Match Skin Salon is a certified reflexology massage therapy facility in Brighton and Hove. We understand how hectic and stressful life gets. You need a relaxing environment, surrounded by caring massage therapists who’ll offer relief. Our reflexology therapist stimulates and relaxes your feet to restore mind and body to harmonious balance.

Several pathways in your body have disconnected from energy pathways because of under-stimulation. The therapist applies pressure to specific points to feet and hand areas corresponding with the glands, organs, muscles and tissues in your body.

We have the best reflexology therapists in Brighton and Hove. The goal when choosing a reflexologist is finding a health professional who is equipped with adequate training, as opposed to therapists with only weekend workshop training. Our reflexologists are experienced in building sensitivities in the finger – a core feature for detecting energy flow.

Want to enjoy the relaxing simulations and ambience of our skin salon? Call us today on 01273719009 for a free consultation.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology originates from ancient methods of Chinese healing techniques. It revolves around the theory that by applying pressure to your feet, you regain connection to the earth, through your body, into the earth and back up. The preternatural force we channel goes to the universe and flows to the heavens. Reflexology encourages the natural flow of your chi or lifeforce to gain renewed energy, vigour, positivity and enthusiasm for life.

There is a theory that when something happens to one part of the body, the whole body feels it. Think of the knee-jerk response when someone taps you below the knee and your knees and feet bounce. Reflexology draws from that theory. When pressure is applied correctly to specific points on your hands and feet by a seasoned reflexology therapist, healing occurs in other parts of your body.

The human body is amazing and its ability to heal from major injuries, small cuts and emotional trauma is truly phenomenal. The body system and organs continuously work together as a single unit to repair and heal broken muscles and bones. Energy is pivotal to the process. There are about 7,000 – 7,200 nerves ending in your body and each is connected to a body part. Through special manipulation of reflex points in your foot, the required energy flow the body needs to heal is triggered.

Only a certified reflexology therapist can perform this massage in a holistic manner that covers all the minute reflex points. When the therapist notices an imbalance, detected as crystals in the affected reflex point, they disperse the crystal blocking energy channels and restore natural flow in your body. Visible signs of imbalance include skin discolouration, hard skin, bunions and marks on the foot. Each treatment session last between 30-50 minutes but you’ll require a few treatment sessions to rejuvenate the reflexes completely and see result.

Six healing benefits of reflexology

  1. Enhanced nerve function
    Nerve endings in most part of the human body become less sensitive as you age, especially in extremities. Reflexology stimulates 7,000 unique nerve endings within a single session to increase reactivity and function. When you work these neural pathways, you’ll see improved flexibility in your body.
  2. Stress relief
    A major benefit of reflexology massage is the immediate relief from stress. The technique of thumb and finger walking in a set square before kneading and massaging the foot with the whole hand is painless, gentle yet firm and brings about a deep feeling of relaxation and peace.
  3. Pain relief
    Certain illnesses in the body is caused by blockage to energy channels. The flow of chi is necessary for good mental and physical wellbeing. When its’ disrupted, your body suffers disease, pain and gathers negative energy flow. Reflexology promotes self-healing by restoring the balance between body function and system. it takes out pain in the body and creates harmony.
  4. Increased energy levels and circulation
    Reflexology improves circulation in your body. Such improved circulation ensures more effective circulation of oxygen and blood throughout the body. This oxygen reaches key system to increase metabolism, accelerate healing and rejuvenate damaged cells.
  5. Reduced headaches
    Reflexology is an analgesic treatment used by many to reduce the effects of headaches and migraine. Muscles that were previously tensed before a massage session enjoy relief which leads to reduced pain from headaches. Stress-induced headache or psychological factors that physically manifest as migraine also lessen.
  6. Easing side effects from chemotherapy
    Please note that reflexology doesn’t cure cancer but it helps manage pain and other symptoms of chemotherapy. Cancer patients enjoy lower anxiety levels, increased length of sleep time and reduced vomiting from indigestion.

What question should you ask when booking a reflexology therapist?

What are your qualifications?
There is no defined educational requirement but ask for a reflexologist with at least level 3 diploma in reflexology and experience working with salons and patients. Our therapists at Match skin salon are experienced healthcare professionals certified by the Association of Reflexologists.

How do you work?
Some practitioners do not apply firm pressure because they’ve found its’ not necessary to achieve optimal results. If you want firmer pressure, our reflexologist can apply deep work or gentle work, whichever makes you feel better.

Why choose us?

We like to engage our customers before each session to know you better and determine the results you want to achieve from your session. Our reflexology technique is non-invasive, so you’ll be fully clothed with only your foot left bare, while your expert therapist skillfully massages, kneads and opens channels of energy flow throughout your body.

Be careful though, as our treatment is addictive and you’ll be coming back for a long time! The time to harness your energy flow, experience excitement and joy for life is now. Allow our practitioners to stimulate neural networks in your body and you’ll witness stress, negativity, depressive symptoms and sickness flee your body.

Want to start enjoying life again? Contact us on 01273719009 and we’ll get you started with a free consultation.

Unwind and relax at our luxurious tranquil massage treatment room, offering an array of massages. We are very proud of our new luxury massage room. We have thought of everything, firstly choosing the right masseuse.

All our staff are caring, passionate and take pride in every detail.

We have thought of everything, shower, perfect room and bed temperature, soothing music, scents, slipper and gowns provided.


Couples massage treatments

Visit our large but cosy couples room. With busy schedules it’s an ideal way to relax and be pampered together.


This divine 2 hour long treatment consist of one hour Luxury Facial and one hour Massage for two with a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival, only £199.




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