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Hot Stone Massages in Brighton and Hove

Hot Stone Massage in Brighton and Hove

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage, involving the use of smooth, heated stones. A therapist places them on the body during massage. The heat from the stones is deeply relaxing and effective at warming up tight muscles in the body. Whether you’re suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, back pain, poor circulation, muscular pain, fibromyalgia or insomnia, we can help you find relief with our hugely popular hot stone massage at Match Skin Salon.

How Hot Stone Massage Works

Hot Stone Massage or Hot Stone Therapy consist of specially chosen black basalt, a volcanic rock that absorbs and holds heat well, in various shapes and sizes. The heat from the stones deeply penetrates the muscle tissue, increasing lymphatic drainage and releasing toxins. It is a very soothing massage for aching muscles and joints, and can also stimulate a higher rate of tissue repair.

Before arrival, the black basalt stones will be sanitised and heated by the therapist in a specialised heater. Also, if cold marble stones will be used during the procedure, they will be placed in cold water. During the procedure, traditional Swedish massage is used to warm up the body by the therapist, before heated stones are used to massage the body. As the stones cool, they are replaced by another in order to maintain the temperature of the massage.

Also, the therapist might plant heated stones in specific points along your back, belly, the palms of your hands or between your toes to improve the energy flow in your body. For the best results, different stones are used on various parts of the body. The efficiency of a hot stone massage is estimated to be ten times that of a traditional massage because the strokes applied to the body using hot stones are somewhat deeper because of the stones’ density.

The number of sessions needed for a full treatment will be determined by the therapist, but ideally, a course of one session each week for about six to eight week is suitable for specific concerns. Hot stone massage can also be enjoyed as a one off or a special treat simply for relaxation.

Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage with Hot Stones

The use of hot stones allows the therapist to increase the depth of the massage more quickly, resulting in a more therapeutic massage. Hot stone therapy is particularly effective where the muscles are extremely sore and deep work alone too painful. Pains and dysfunctions caused by sports injuries, stress and postural problems also benefit from the treatment with hot or sometimes cold stones.

Hot stone massage is a deep and extremely relaxing massage technique, where the stones are used in combination with warm oils to massage the body. Heat from the treatment deeply penetrates the body, bringing a feeling of tranquillity and relief, as tensions and knots are gently smoothed away.

At Match Skin Salon, we offer different combinations of hot stone therapy, including:

  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage for Back, Neck and Shoulder
  • Hot Stone Massage for Back, Neck and Shoulder with Trigger Point
  • Hot Stone Reflexology with Hot Stone ‘Warming Heart’ Neck and Shoulder Massage

Hot Stone Massage for Relaxation, Health and Wellbeing

Hot stone massage results in a spiritual, physical and chemical healing in the spirit, mind and body. It offers more than the normal experience of traditional massage, and creates a positive approach to life. Hot stone massage is the ideal solution to combat today’s heightened rhythm of life and the significant amount of stress that people carry on their shoulders as they go about their daily activities.

The direct heat in hot stone massage helps to relax the muscles and allows better and a more intense manipulation than with regular massage. It gives the body a sedative effect, and encourages detox and healing as the blood vessels expand, pushing blood and waste through the nervous system.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Treatment

The heat, which is the focal point of hot stone massage, penetrates deep into the muscles to create a soothing and therapeutic experience. As the therapist works with different techniques, tight and restricted muscles give more easily with less discomfort to the client.

Hot stone massage is the most comforting of massage treatments. It is extremely emotionally and physically ‘deep’. The client is wrapped up securely, and can feel the heat from the stones and the comforting weight of the stones on the body. It is also the most even of treatments, as equal time is spent on all parts of the body.

There is overall health benefits with hot stone massage. It not only reduces the tension in muscles and increase deep relaxation, it also heals pain, rids the body of toxins and improves circulation. In addition, it increases calmness and lessens stress. A sense of clarification, inner peace and a renewed spirituality has also been noticed by some enthusiasts after a hot stone session.

Not everyone can benefit from hot stone massage treatment, as it is unsuitable for people with the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Certain skin problems
  • Heart or circulation problems
  • Sunburn
  • Diabetes
  • Menopausal women (because of the heat generated)

Hot stone massage is also not ideal in very hot weather, because the skin holds the heat.

Let us pamper you and Put a spring in Your Step

At Match Skin Salon Brighton, our hot stone massage treatments involve the use of relaxing oils, heated basalt, and cold marble stones to provide a deeper and more intense massage and relax your muscles. Our special techniques by highly trained therapists can restore lost energy, boost your circulation and let out stored tension.

Relax and unwind with professional hot stone massage treatments in the heart of Brighton. Our therapists are in high demand. To ensure you get the treatment you need, contact us on our Treatment Advice and Booking Line 01273719009, ahead of your arrival.

Unwind and relax at our luxurious tranquil massage treatment room, offering an array of massages. We are very proud of our new luxury massage room. We have thought of everything, firstly choosing the right masseuse.

All our staff are caring, passionate and take pride in every detail.

We have thought of everything, shower, perfect room and bed temperature, soothing music, scents, slipper and gowns provided.


Couples massage treatments

Visit our large but cosy couples room. With busy schedules it’s an ideal way to relax and be pampered together.

This divine 2 hour long treatment consist of one hour Luxury Facial and one hour Massage for two with a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival, only £199.



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