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Massage Treatments Hollingdean

Varieties of Massage Treatments in Hollingdean

Your deep tissue massage treatment in Hollingdean. Is your whole body, or parts of it, suffering from pains and aches or injury? Are you for a way to relax yourself and unwind? At the hands of Brighton massage therapists, you will experience the perfect massage treatment.

We assure you of a relaxed body and peaceful senses at the end of our unrivalled massage therapy. Massage treatment with us is what you need for optimum relaxation, and to achieve a calm body and mind.

Massage Treatments in Hollingdean for Muscular Rejuvenation

At Hollingdean, you’ll be met with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience. Hollingdean’S massage therapists will give you a relaxing and unforgettable experience with our deep tissue massage treatment. The aromatherapy massage, Indian massage, deep pressure massage, hot stone massage, the neck, back, shoulder massages, are all for both men and women, and are just some of the varieties of massages we offer in Hollingdean. Pregnancy massage, reflexology massage, and couples massage are some of the specialized Brighton massage therapies available in Hollingdean.

Hollingdean experts aim to meet your needs in relaxing and unwinding, and will give you the best massage experience once you enter our massage studio. In Hollingdean, we aim to give you top notch massage treatment that is targeted at meeting your specific needs. Call our helpline today if you are suffering through a new or prolonged problem, or if you are just looking to treat yourself to a pampering session. Recommendations and special treatments will be arranged for you once we have fully studied you and your stress-related problems. Be assured you will find every minute you spend with us pleasurable. Your best choice for massage treatment is Hollingdean.

You are welcome to come check out our massage treatment packages in Hollingdean today. Call us at 01273 719009 or

Hollingdean Massages for the Back

At Hollingdean, our therapists possess exceptional skills in lower and upper back massages, to give you effective relief. A careful back massage will achieve a better flow of blood around the body, which will go on to ensure that adequate oxygen and other nutrients are properly distributed to the muscles. The most effective massage techniques are used by our Indian head masseuse by dissolving knots around your muscles for optimum relaxation. This is then followed by working on common areas, like the upper arms and shoulders, then moves on to work on the neck and head. This process will result in healthier muscles, which will improve the circulation of the cerebral fluids and induce a feeling of release.

Exclusive Neck Massages in Hollingdean

Our massage therapists know that neck massage is an effective way of promoting movement around the body, and to reduce tightness in muscles. This technique gives special attention to the upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, and the scalene, which are all neck and shoulder muscles. We have multiple neck massage techniques that are aimed at relieving joint stiffness, boost tissue elasticity, and increase muscle temperature. Our emphasis on neck massage is informed by its health benefits, like significant reduction of headaches, relaxation, and release of built up tension around the body.

Hollingdean Professional Bamboo Massages

Stress, tension, and stiff muscles are targeted with this unique and new massage technique. First we pick solid bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameters, warm them up, then use them to massage the body. We warm up the bamboo sticks to the right temperature and apply them to your body with long and deep massaging strokes. We employ this massage technique to relieve the body of tension and unknot stiff muscles. Are you a fan of deep tissue massage? This massage technique is for you.

Professional Couples Massages at Hollingdean

One of our main massage treatment packages is couples massage therapy. In this type of massage treatment, two different masseurs massage two people who may be husband and wife, best friends, mother and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend, and so on, in the same room. Couples massage treatment can help your loved one overcome the unease and discomfort that some people experience during their first massage.

Couples massage in Brighton is result-oriented for men who have gone through therapeutic massage treatment. Those who are uncomfortable with getting massages tend to feel more at ease when their loved one is there with them, and also being massaged. We find that a partner who used to be uncomfortable with massages always return for more after enjoying our couples massage.

Hollingdean professional deep tissue massage

This type of massage is used for treating chronic and ongoing problem areas in the body. Through persistent stress to some body parts, fibrous tissues have built up, with other parts tightening up, but deep tissue massage helps to treat them. The blood pressure, pain, stress and tension, that are symptomatic of inflammation can be reduced through this method. By applying deep pressure to the affected parts with warm bamboo sticks, the masseur will loosen tight tissue knots in your body. One benefit of this method is that it can cure tissue scars if used consistently. We will do this by carefully applying long, light, and rhythmic massage strokes on the scarred areas to ensure movement and flexibility in those areas with time.

Exclusive foot massages in Hollingdean

Your leg and feet muscles will thank you after our amazing foot and leg massages. This is because the state of the body, generally, is affected directly by reflex points located in the feet. An example is the alleviation of the pain felt in the back when the arch of the foot is stimulated, because of the concentration of different points in that area of the foot connected to the spine. In turn this stimulation also affects the eyes, teeth, ears, sinuses and gums.

Hot Stone Technique Massages in Hollingdean

The hot stone massage treatment requires the therapist to massage the muscles with smooth, heated stones, or to just place them on the body. The relaxing and warm feeling during this type of massage treatment is as a result of the hot stones, which also quickens the professionals’ work. We restore balance of mind and body through the skillful combination of hot stones and different massage oils to massage the muscles.

Hollingdean Massage for Pregnant Women

At Hollingdean, pregnancy massage is only allowed during the first trimester. At Hollingdean, you and your baby are in the best of care with our relaxing and therapeutic massage treatment, which will be carried out with our special massage oil mixture for your optimum relaxation. Areas like the lower back, the neck, hip, legs, and shoulders, which usually ache in pregnant women, will be properly stretched out with a deep tissue massage, which will also tend to the rest of the woman’s body, and this will be done while she is lying on her side so that the baby is secured. You can bet that all your pains and aches that are a result of pregnancy will be significantly reduced after this process. We will also use the pregnancy massage treatment for the swelling of the feet and legs that are also characteristic of pregnancy.

Hollingdean Professional Reflexology Massages

A reflexology massage is a type of Brighton massage therapy that focuses on treating the entire body. It involves the stimulation of the acupressure points in the feet which are known to have a connection with all the organs of the body, glands and system, to achieve great beneficial effects on the person. You will find only qualified professionals at Hollingdean, and soothing foot massages ready to go.

Hollingdean Shoulder Massage

The three muscles that are present in the shoulder region are the upper trapezius, rhomboids, and the rotator It is paramount that close attention is paid to these three muscles in the shoulder, and the appropriate massage techniques are applied.

Come to Hollingdean for a shoulder massage to ease pain, stress and tension. Shoulder massage will raise the temperature of the muscles by increasing the flow of blood in those areas. The result of increased muscle temperature is reduced pain and a relaxed body and mind.

Professional Indian Massage Techniques in Hollingdean

Get Rid of Muscle Pains and Aches Permanently Today!

Hollingdean massage experts will recommend and choose the best treatment option from our different treatment methods, that will reflect your exact needs. The caring and experienced experts at Hollingdean will create a special massage treatment plan just for you. Our team is devoted to giving you a relaxed mind and body, that is free from pain. At Hollingdean, you will find different relaxing massage treatments, and also a peaceful environment that goes with your quality of health and wellbeing. Your best massage experience is only a call away. You need to take care of yourself in spite of other pressing concerns. We stress our body enormously. Your body deserves to be pampered and maintained. You can be sure to feel relaxed after a tailored massage in Brighton by our experienced therapists to suit your body type.

Come to Hollingdean today and make a choice from our different massage treatments.Call us at 01273 719009 or


    BAMBOO 60 75
    HOT STONE 60 75
    INDIAN HEAD 50 70
    PREGNANCY 60 75
    DEEP TISSUE 60 75
    CANDLE 65 75
  • Customer Reviews

    I had face(Dermapen)treatment and was firstly worried but Jasmine put me at ease and was truly amazing. Surprisingly the treatmet didn't hurt that much and my face was not as sore or red as I expected, the pain subsided within an hour and the redness reduced after few days. The results are brilliant and my skin looks great. I’m going to go back at some point.
    Jaime Balbontin
    Jaime Balbontin
    14:38 19 Dec 18
    I've been with Match Skin salon for 5 years and they have reversed the aging with RF and CACI. It's not magic, but close to it. Their techniques are excellent, care and advice really good and it works. I do Ocean yacht racing so the face has much sun and sea to deal with. One of my crew says I look younger every time we meet. Their salon is a haven of tranquillity.
    Nigel Lane
    Nigel Lane
    11:19 19 Dec 18
    A wonderful facial this evening from Jasmine- very professional, relaxing and great results! I would recommend the salon for great service, friendly and helpful staff and fab results!
    Julie Pelych
    Julie Pelych
    23:46 17 Dec 18
    I highly recommend Match Skin Salon! I had a baby 2 years ago and I was so self conscious about my stomach as I had so many stretch marks all over my body. I’m very pleased with the results so far and Jasmines professional attitude towards me. The salon is so welcoming and everyone was very friendly, I can’t wait to come back in the new year to finally get rid of the last stretch marks remaining! ? I couldn’t be any happier with the results. I can finally feel comfortable within my body again and wear a bikini ? xx
    Leah Larcombe
    Leah Larcombe
    21:28 17 Dec 18
    I have been a customer of Match Salon for a few years now and always feel at ease in the beautiful surroundings. Jasmine and her team are true professionals taking time to explain the various options and treatments available. There is never any pressure to purchase any products or treatments and appointments are never rushed. Jasmine is always on hand via email or phone to answer any queries in between visits which adds to the feeling of a VIP experience.
    paul davisom
    paul davisom
    20:48 17 Dec 18
    DON'T GET FOOLED !! - Here is what happened with me. I was feeling the face looks bit dull and decided to use their groupon deal for CACI Facial. I booked an appointment and went. When I reached the place, the owner asked me why I wanted this facial and I told I felt the face looks dull and slightly puffy on right side near cheekbone. She looked and said there is no puffiness but your eye area looks dull and you would benefit more from Mesobiolift RF Facial. NOT realising this was a trap to make money, I said yes for it. Now they said this would be extra 20 pounds surcharge - Mind you - the rates on website are cheaper for Mesobiolift compared to CACI. Still I went ahead and even before starting the treatment, i flagged to therapist that I have sensitive skin and hope there are no side effects or any damage and she confidently responded this will be no problem. Post treatment, she said you would see results next day and you should book more (atleast 5 sessions and one per week ) to have further benefits. I went back after paying extra money . Next day I was expecting something nice but I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE MY FACE - I had major puffiness under my eyes on both sides - to the extent that even heavy make up could not hide. I went to work and EVERYONE could notice. My boss felt am tired and asked me to take some time off. I still in my mind didnt even once think this could be because of the treatment as I had trust on the words. So I decided to go to GP as I had cold that morning and wondered if this was due to cold. However, the GP clearly denied this is anything related to cold and suggested I ask more details from therapist as he said they are best to explain the reaction. However, he said this might settle in few days. So I decided to wait a few days as my mind was thinking the therapist had said absolutely no side effects. But after a week , I was in panic mode and hence went to the Salon. The therapist first denied she can notice anything which was disgusting and later the owner said this cannot be because of our treatment as WE HAVE NEVER HEARD ANY COMPLAINTS. Well, further on, they gave me the brochure of teh machine and asked me to get in touch with the company who provides the machine. I called the company and not so surprisingly, they said we are just machine suppliers and your therapist is the one who should be able to explain the reaction. We are purely machine providers and not SKIN SPECIALISTS! Well, by now, I kind of knew I had messed up. I had shown trust without doing my research and got into terrible situation. However, after another discussion with GP at work, I decided to go back to Salon as I was told by GP support that the Salon has a RESPONSIBILITY OF CARE towards you and cannot just get away giving you a brochure. They in the first place should help you resolve the matter. Glad I work in a organisation where you can seek guidance on personal matters and I was told they should in the first place support you to resolve and also refund your money. Well, refund was last thing on my mind but I decided to go back to Salon. And This time, it was evident that Salon knew they had screwed up as the attitude made it so evident. I was waiting at the reception and after waiting for nearly 30 minutes, the owner arrives and Here it what happens - WITHOUT ANY GREETING EXCHANGE, SHE SAYS IN A RUDE TONE - I AM SERVING A CLIENT. DID YOU BOOK ANY APPOINTMENT TO SEE ME and I said NO . SHE carries on walking back to treatment room saying BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE ME AND BANGS THE DOOR ON MY FACE . This now made it clear to me that they are just to make money and do not have attitude towards care. I have decided to make a claim against them and thankfully have evidences to prove how the face looks before and after and support to take action. MORE INTERESTING - While she didnt have a minute to talk to me, few minutes later I get the call - and this was because I had called earlier so they was call back thinking they have got a new fool to make money! And when she finds its me - she disconnects! DISGUSTING!
    pooja gupta
    pooja gupta
    12:53 17 Dec 18
    Jasmine & the team ensure that your experience at Match Skin Clinic is second to none - always helpful with recommendations for treatments that actually work! Highly recommended.
    Lynn Mundy
    Lynn Mundy
    09:14 14 May 18
    Booked a CACI Facial through Groupon for 1115am today. Arrived at 1110am, the reception was empty so I waited. At 1130am I was still waiting. A lady came out of a room and didn’t say anything to me, I mentioned I was there for an 1115am appointment and it was now 1130am, she seemed flustered and didn’t apologise, instead reaching for her mobile and going out the door to talk to someone else. Meanwhile another customer was banging on the wrong door so eventually I told her she needed to go around the front of the building. When this lady arrived she was whisked off for her treatment. I asked the same lady again her how long I needed to wait and she informed me my beautician would be with me when she was ready. I was mortified, another beautician appeared and I explained how long I had been waiting and she apologised and said she would be as quick as she could be then vanished to treat someone else. That was enough for me, today was my birthday and I hadn’t been able to get a facial for the past year so was hugely excited to get a treatment. I have had treatments for the past 20years in a variety of salons. This one was sadly lacking in any kind of customer service or attention. I never mind waiting if there is a problem but being ignored and as a business owner myself I know how valuable customer satisfaction is. Thankfully Groupon understood and gave me a refund.
    Lix Van
    Lix Van
    18:42 02 May 18
    Highly recommended wonderful salon with tasteful decor and very relaxing atmosphere. Led by Jasmine, always helpful, friendly and professional. I ve had mesobiolift and Caci facials on and off for over a year with Ana and Chloe. I have always had a very warm welcome, they are very knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic. I am currently trying Dermapen and I can see a significant difference in my wrinkles after just two treatments. My forehead lines have almost disappeared and my crows feet have also greatly reduced. I will continue regularly with the aim to erase mouth to nose lines. Very happy I found this salon. Thank you! ?
    19:43 30 Apr 18
    Rude, unpleasant unprofessional. Tried to book an appointment for Caci using a Groupon voucher and the “lady” said they don’t want new customers. I asked for a refund and she said:” contact the site love” and put the phone down on my face. If you don’t want customers from Groupon don’t be there. Simple as that!
    10:22 15 Apr 18
    I had my first Caci treatment last week at this clinic. It was an amazing experience as the room is large, clean, airy and super relaxing. Anna, my therapist, was really great and my facial was 1.5 hours of pure bliss. My skin did feel amazing afterwards too and I am looking forward to going there monthly from now.
    10:58 04 Apr 18
    Highly recommended! I've just had a wonderful back massage from Chloe. She has amazing techniques. It's rejuvenating especially just after being ill few days prior which, by the way, the manager very kindly had to rescheduled my initial appointment. Apologies and thank you. Very pleased. Can't wait to be back and next time I'll be bringing friends.
    Danielle Jover
    Danielle Jover
    18:35 01 Mar 18
    Pure magic! Amazing visible results! Since I started having treatments at Match Skin Salon, people are constantly telling that I look fantastic, they can't quite put their finger on why... People who haven't seen me for a while are telling me I look younger than the last time they saw me - 'How do you do it' they ask... well I don't always share the secret but I thought it's only right to give credit where credit is due.
    Galit Mersand
    Galit Mersand
    11:23 11 Jan 18
    thank you so much for most delightful, supportive and sensitive massage. it was just what i needed and more. the salon is conveniently situated and beautiful inside, which i really enjoyed. i was extremely impressed and pleased that i was able to exchange full massage for much needed, and quite brilliant express facial which i thought went perfectly with neck and back massage. i look forward to my next visit! thanks again xx
    charlotte hastings
    charlotte hastings
    09:51 03 Jul 17

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