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Bamboo Massages in Brighton and Hove

Bamboo Massage in Brighton and Hove

Are you interested in in trying a different, but fantastic holistic massage therapy that works? If so, you should give the bamboo massage at Match Skin Salon a shot. A bamboo massage is certain to leave you feeling energised from head to toe.

If you’ve ever had a hot stone massage, you’ll be familiar with the technique of using warm bamboo to knead and roll the tissue. The aim is to help alleviate general pains and aches, as well as muscle tension.

Wherever you are in Brighton, you can enjoy the benefit of this superb massage technique that is many centuries old. Book an appointment with us at Match Skin Salon and enjoy a calming, rejuvenating session that will have you coming back for more.

Why go for a bamboo massage in Brighton?

A bamboo massage works wonders for pain in the upper back, shoulder, and neck. It is also a great help with insomnia and can improve the quality of your sleep. Other positive effects on mental and psychological health include curing depression and increasing mental clarity.

The massage also helps to rid the body of toxins and increase lymphatic drainage. It is beneficial for people with injuries, because the massage enhances the body’s natural healing abilities by encouraging the release of endorphins, which are a natural painkiller.

How does a bamboo massage work?

Also referred to as warm bamboo massage or hot bamboo massage, the bamboo massage dates back centuries and originates from Asia. It involves the use of solid or hollow bamboo canes of varying diameters and lengths for deep tissue work. Deep tissue massage is believed to contribute to a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, as well as aid lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, and promote muscular strength.

The bamboo sticks are warmed gently or left at room temperature and applied with long and deep massage strokes aimed at stretching tight muscles and breaking down tension. The warmth of the bamboo has a lot to do with how effective this massage technique is. The heat makes for deeper penetration of the tissues, so the therapist can reach even the toughest knots.

In addition to the tension release and relaxing of tight muscles, a bamboo massage is a splendid way to improve sports performance. Even more, it can be beneficial for people who suffer from fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis.

Who is a bamboo massage best for?

Anyone can enjoy a bamboo massage, particularly if they are a fan of deep tissue work. The massage technique is specifically beneficial for those who have postural imbalances resulting in shortened muscles. It’s also great for cyclists and runners who are dealing with tightness in their IT band, feet, or legs.

If you are dealing with some form of pain in your upper back, shoulder, or neck, a bamboo massage may be right for you. A bamboo massage is particularly good for women who may be dealing with muscle pain. So, if your legs have been feeling tight and heavy, a bamboo massage will help soothe your muscles and alleviate the discomfort. You can always talk to our team about how the therapy will work for you by calling 01273 719009. Better still, book a free consultation with us.

Bamboo massage for a better skin tone

While you might opt for a bamboo massage because of its function of relieving stress and tension, the therapy is also fantastic for improving the texture of the skin. Bamboo extract contains silica, which enhances the body’s ability to absorb essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Also, the silica found in bamboo has anti-irritant properties which soothe the skin and keep the skin and hair healthy.

What should you expect in a bamboo massage session?

We have worked hard to create a comfortable, luxury feels at Match Skin Salon, so you’ll already begin to feel relaxed once you enter the room. You’ll disrobe and take your position on the treatment table. Next, the therapist will get your skin ready for the bamboo by rubbing some silky oils on your back.

The bamboo is then heated up and rolled up and down your body, stretching and elongating your muscles along the way to provide relief from aches and pains. Since it is a full body treatment, you can expect the bamboo to be rolled from top to bottom and back up. When the therapist gets to your feet, the ends of the cane will be used to apply pressure to the pressure points found on the soles of your feet.

Longer bamboo sticks of differing diameters are used for gliding strokes while the smaller ones are typically used for more detailed work. Believed to be an ancient therapy, the bamboo cane takes the place of the therapist’s hand to provide a deeper and firmer massage. As the therapist works, she will hold the cane and roll over your muscles like she would with her hands.

What you should know before your first bamboo massage

A good massage will affect the rate at which blood flows and oxygen is delivered to your tissues by increasing it. The implication is your damaged and tense muscles will get the oxygen-rich blood they need to repair and recover. This state persists for over 72 hours after your treatment. Also, bamboo massage can actually help you lose weight since it can break down fat cells.

The weight loss benefits won’t be visible after the first treatment, but we can recommend the number of sessions you’ll have to attend before seeing results. Usually, you’ll have to attend a minimum of four sessions.

Please, be sure to let us know if you have any sore spots or injuries during your free consultation session with us. The information you give us will be a great help in deciding whether a bamboo massage is right for you or if you’ll be better off with a different option.

To book a free consultation

Give us a call anytime on 01273 719009.

Unwind and relax at our luxurious tranquil massage treatment room, offering an array of massages. We are very proud of our new luxury massage room. We have thought of everything, firstly choosing the right masseuse.

All our staff are caring, passionate and take pride in every detail.

We have thought of everything, shower, perfect room and bed temperature, soothing music, scents, slipper and gowns provided.


Couples massage treatments

Visit our large but cosy couples room. With busy schedules it’s an ideal way to relax and be pampered together.


This divine 2 hour long treatment consist of one hour Luxury Facial and one hour Massage for two with a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival, only £199.



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