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Massage in Brighton and Hove

Massage Treatments in Brighton by Match Skin Salon

deep tissue massage treatments brighton

Are you suffering from aches and pains or an injury? Do you need to unwind and feel relaxed? Our massage therapists here at Match Skin Salon in Brighton can provide the perfect treatment, just for you.

Our massage specialists are trained in a variety of disciplines to ensure you’re provided the quality of pampering and care you require. No matter the type of massage treatment you desire, we can deliver a bespoke service to satisfy your unique needs. Our services are available to men and women of all ages and are guaranteed to deliver pleasure, relief and relaxation. Our salon is also equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure you’re provided the ultimate pampering in a comfortable environment.

Whether you’re looking to let off steam or restore a feeling of calm, rest assured you’ll be in competent hands when you visit Match Skin Salon in Brighton for your massage treatment.

Contact us today to book a session to relax and indulge your senses.

Rejuvenating Massage Treatments in the Heart of Brighton

Whenever your body feels worn out by the rigours of everyday life, there’s no better way to relax and rejuvenate than to put yourself in the care of our trusty massage therapists. They utilise a range of massage techniques to provide bespoke treatment to our clients and ensure they receive the desired results at the end of their session.

We are proud to offer a truly revitalising and relaxing experience in the Brighton and Hove area. Even a deep tissue massage can be a tranquil and memorable experience when delivered by our knowledgeable therapists. We offer a comprehensive range of massage therapies in Brighton, including aromatherapy massages, hot stone massages, deep tissue massages, Indian massages, as well as back, neck and shoulder massages for both women and men alike.

We also offer specialised treatments such as pregnancy massage, reflexology massage, and couples massage in Brighton and Hove. At Match Skin Salon, we can help you recover from stress or injury and alleviate and pain or worries through the healing hands of our experts in our beautiful massage studio. We are committed to providing the most suitable massage treatments, uniquely tailored to your needs.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem before seeking our services; if you just want to ease tension or simply enjoy a day of pampering, pay us a visit. Coming to our salon for regular spa treatments will keep you looking and feeling vibrant.

So, try us today if you’re looking to treat a new or ongoing problem, or simply want to indulge in a decadent pampering session. Booking an appointment with us is easy, hassle-free and you can even select the masseuse of your choice. The best possible treatment will be provided when we identify your needs, after which recommendations and specially designed treatments to help with any stress-related issues can be applied. You can be confident that your time in our care will be memorable and satisfying.

We are the first choice in Brighton and Hove for anyone who requires first class massage treatment.

Back Massages in Brighton

A back massage is a great way to relieve stress, as a lot of the tension and strain we experience on a daily basis tends to accumulate in our backs. This can be especially beneficial for people with a history of back problems and can help them stay pain-free and limber.

Our Brighton massage therapists at Match Skin Salon apply upper and lower back massage to help deal with and relieve tightness, tension and pain. Back massage encourages the flow of blood around the body, providing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Our Indian Head masseuse starts by relaxing muscles and dissolving knots by applying pressure to the appropriate points. They then work other common areas of tension (including the shoulders and upper arms) before moving on to the neck and head. This massage aids the maintenance of healthy muscles, and provides a feeling of release, as it encourages improved circulation of the cerebral fluid.

Neck Massages in Brighton

Your neck is a body part that is constantly in use, even without you knowing it. You might not realise the role it plays until you develop neck pains or stiffness. This can be alleviated – and even prevented – with a professional massage at the hands of one of our specially trained massage therapists.

Neck massage is used by our professionals to reduce muscle tightness, reduce pain and increase range of movement. This type of massage focuses on the muscles around the neck and shoulder area, such as the sternocleidomastoid, scalene, and upper trapezius. There are different techniques used in neck massage to achieve benefits such as reduced joint stiffness, improved tissue elasticity and increased muscle temperature. The overall aim of neck massage is to increase relaxation, reduce headaches and relieve any tension present in the area.

Whether your job is chiefly responsible for straining your neck muscles or any other type of neck injury, our masseuses can provide relief. Call us today to book for an appointment.

Bamboo Massages in Brighton

Bamboo massage is a new and unique technique that helps relax tight muscles, tension and stress. Solid bamboo sticks of differing lengths and diameters are used during a warm massage to relax the body. The sticks are warmed to an appropriate temperature before being applied with long and deep massaging strokes. This movement of warm bamboo sticks across the body helps to break down tension and stretch out any tight muscles. If you like deep tissue work, this massage treatment is for you.

Generally, athletes such as cyclists and runners who experience tightness in their IT band, feet and legs, stand to benefit most from this treatment. Anyone suffering from shortened muscles as a result of postural imbalances can also benefit.

Aside from relaxation, other results you can look forward to enjoying from our bamboo massage treatment include:

  • Improved sensory nerve perception and overall nervous system functions
  • Reactivation and stimulation of blood circulation
  • Migraine relief
  • Improved quality of sleep (and alleviates insomnia)
  • Treatment and management of respiratory ailments
  • Alleviates arthritic pain, especially in the shoulders and neck
  • Improves muscle and joint flexibility
  • Nourishes the skin and stimulates cellular activity
  • Aids the removal of lactic acid and reduces pain

The aforementioned benefits can only be achieved when a bamboo massage is delivered by a professional. Call us today to book a session with one of our experienced specialists.

Couples Massage

Why go alone when you can enjoy a massage with someone special? Our couples massage package is ideal for couples looking to spend more time with each other, while being pampered by the gifted hands of our masseuses. You can bring anyone as your choice of partner for a couples massage at our salon.

A couples massage is one of our most popular massage treatment services here at Match Skin Salon in Brighton. It involves the massage of two people (whether husband and wife, best friends, mother and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend) by two different masseuses, in the same room, simultaneously. It is a highly effective way to ease the apprehension of a loved one enjoying a massage for the first time.

Our couples massage rooms are luxurious and equipped with all suitable amenities to guarantee you receive nothing short of the finest possible experience. Male customers also find therapeutic massage to be very relaxing and restorative. However, some men are uncomfortable in this setting, so have their partner there is a source of reassurance. Subsequently, after experiencing a couple’s massage, a previously nervous partner is more willing to book a massage on their own in future.

Our couples massage packages are available to all in Brighton and Hove looking for a pleasurable time with that special someone. You can even book our couples massage package as a gift for a friend or loved one. The package includes two hours of divine pampering and a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival.

Deep Tissue Massages in Brighton

This involves the targeted treatment of ongoing problem areas; chronically tight parts of the body; and breaks down fibrous tissue that has built up over time due to overuse and stress. Deep tissue massage treatments also help to reduce inflammation that leads to pain, tension, and stress (and in some cases, increased blood pressure). A practitioner can utilise various heated sticks to massage deeply and loosen tight tissue knots. Consistent deep tissue massage therapy at our Brighton and Hove salon can eventually eliminate any body scar tissue. This occurs via lymphatic circulation and drainage, which improves range of motion and flexibility in the affected areas.

Foot Massages in Brighton

Foot and leg massage brings positive benefits for not just for leg and feet muscles, but also extends to the entire body. This is due to the huge set of reflex points in the feet, which are responsible for the overall body state in general. For instance, stimulation of the arch of the foot can help alleviate back pain, as a huge concentration of points in that area are related to the spine.

Specific benefits you can look forward to from our foot massage therapy include:

  • Improved libido
  • Improved circulation (especially for those who spend most days wearing tight shoes)
  • Helps minimise the risk of foot and ankle injuries
  • Alleviation of depression and anxiety
  • Minimise headaches and migraines
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Reducing effects of edema in pregnant women

To find out more about our foot massage treatments, call us today.

Hot Stone Massages in Brighton

During hot stone massage treatment, the therapist uses smooth, warmed stones as to work the muscles or simply places them on the body. Heat from the stones can be both intensely relaxing and serves to warm up tight muscles and help the therapist work speedily and at a deeper level. At Match Skin Salon, our massage experts combine hot stones with the use of essential oils in order to restore balance to your body and mind.

Other benefits of a hot stone massage from the capable hands of our masseuses include:

  • Increase blood flow and relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Reduces muscle spasms and increases range of motion and flexibility
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Can help relieve symptoms of certain autoimmune diseases
  • Gives your immune system a boost

Anyone experiencing muscle tension, pain, insomnia or stress can benefit from a hot stone massage. If this is you, call us today to arrange for a bespoke hot stone massage treatment in our Brighton salon. We promise that a session with us will pleasantly surprise you.

Pregnancy Massages in Brighton


As pregnancy progresses, the body goes through all sorts of physical changes that not all women are ready to cope with. Our pregnancy massage treatment will help you cope better – both physically and emotionally – with said changes. A pregnancy massage is not just about feeling good, but also offers a variety of health benefits, such as lessening any unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, whilst easing tension and anxiety. Other specific benefits of our pregnancy massages include:

  • Increases blood circulation, which ensures your unborn baby receives sufficient oxygen and nourishment. It also minimises toxins in the body.
  • Improved circulation will help minimise the likelihood of developing varicose veins.
  • Relief from lower back pain, which is typically common amongst pregnant women.
  • Relieves anxiety or depression that you may be experiencing, as your body goes through physical and hormonal changes. Our massage therapy will also help release endorphins that will aid relaxation.
  • Improves the pliability of skin and underlying tissue.
  • Improves your sleep by putting you in a state of relaxation.
  • Eases the load on your heart and helps keep blood pressure in check.
  • Decreases swelling of joints (edema) during pregnancy by minimising pressure on major blood vessels and reducing fluid collected in swollen joints.
  • Reduces muscle pain and headaches.
  • Prepares your body for labour and birth.

A pregnancy massage at Match Skin Salon in Brighton is only undertaken following the first trimester. A therapeutic and thoroughly relaxing massage treatment is carried out using our special mother and baby essential oil mix. A comfortable side lying position will ensure the safety of the unborn baby, while deep tissue work will be applied all over the body, in addition to stretching those areas that typically ache (such as the neck, lower back, shoulders, hips and legs). This gentle massage can be expected to relieve pregnancy related aches and pains.

To pamper yourself and alleviate your pregnancy worries, book an appointment with us today.

Reflexology Massages in Brighton

This massage follows a holistic therapy, which provides treatment for the body as a whole. Acupressure points on the feet – which are believed to correlate to all the body’s organs, systems and glands – are stimulated to achieve deep-reaching effects. Our massage therapists here at Match Skin Salon are qualified to handle foot massage for the most relaxing experience.

Shoulder Massages in Brighton

The muscles of the shoulder region comprise the upper trapezius, rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles. A shoulder massage focuses on all these muscles, with different techniques applied to help reduce pain and tightness. If you’re experiencing stress, pain and tension, our highly trained massage therapists can help put you at ease with a relaxing shoulder massage. This massage will increase blood flow to this area, which will in turn increase the temperature of the muscles. When your muscle temperature increases, the subsequent result is decreased pain and better relaxation.

Indian head massage

Break Free from Muscular Aches and Pains Today

We’ve been catering to the beauty and relaxation needs of our Brighton and Hove clients for several years now through our massage treatments. We know what they want and can deliver in the best way possible. We can provide you such a service that satisfies your needs in every way imaginable. We are committed to consistent delivery of first class services to ensure all clients get nothing but the very best whenever you visit our Brighton salon.

All our massage therapists are highly trained, professional, and respectful. When under our care, you’ll be tended to by experienced professionals, with the right facilities to satisfy your needs. Depending on what you’d like to achieve through the massage treatment of your choice, we can provide the right specialist to deliver the level of care you need.

If you desire a friendly, reliable service in Brighton that delivers the best results via professional massage therapy, look no further than us. Contact Match Skin Salon in Brighton and Hove today for a free consultation.

massage treatments


Cost of our massage treatment in Brighton and Hove

To ensure everyone in Brighton can enjoy the best of our services, we offer our massage packages at fair and friendly prices. You can enjoy all the pampering, relaxation and care you require in our salon without having to worry about going beyond budget. The cost of any massage therapy session is typically dependent on the specific type of service provided. To find out more about our great value, yet affordable services, give us a call today.

We’re Waiting for Your Call!

It’s easy to neglect your need to relax and be taken care of; your body works hard and needs some pampering, fine-tuning and maintenance every now and then. Our talented and experienced massage therapists will do wonders for your tired muscles, with either deep tissue massage, reflexology massage or a combination of styles, as your body requires.

Call 01273 719009 today to speak with one of our friendly therapists and schedule a session at our Brighton and Hove location.

The Best Offers and Deals from Match Skin Salon

Take advantage of our special offers this period by gifting yourself or a loved one from our range of spa massages and pampering deals.

At Match Skin Salon, we have various skincare and beauty treatments aimed at providing our customers with smooth, flawless skin.

Discover a selection of luxury spa deals that will give maximum value for money. Our packages have been carefully developed and generously discounted to give you the finest spa deals and massager offers in Brighton and Hove.

Save up to 50% with any of our unrivalled beauty treatment procedures. Choose from the bronze, silver or gold packages. Browse our 2 for 1 offers to make the most of your package. From pamper days and last-minute afternoon packages to longer spa treats for couples and groups, you have so much to choose from.

Booking an attractive spa deal with Match Skin Salon

You can buy multiple attractive offers online from us today. Our spa breaks include day of leisure, relax and revive day, pamper day, winter indulgence and more.

Sometimes, work takes its toll on us and we can only look forward to a soothing full body massage to knead out those muscle kinks. What’s more, offers and deals at Match Skin Salon make it very affordable so you can even book several packages in anticipation of those days you work too hard.

Thinking of a suitable gift for a loved one? A spa break or a weekend afternoon massage is an ideal Mother’s Day gift or a special treat for your spouse. Take away their stress for less.

Attractive spa packages at Match Skin Salon

We currently offer three popular packages at our salon; The Bronze Package, The Silver Package and Gold Package. Each package is uniquely designed to cater to all customers’ preferences, according to time, price and treatment.

  • Bronze Package:
    This is our simplest offer and it is usually ideal for people with limited time. The Bronze Package consists of a mini manicure or pedicure and a 30-minute neck, back and shoulder massage. However, you can opt for an hour-long massage. It is normally priced at £60 but with the offer you get to pay just £30.
  • Silver Package:
    The silver package offers a bit more. Like the Bronze Package, it has a 30-minute neck, back and shoulder massage, but consists of an express facial and simple manicure and pedicure. The normal cost is £100 but with the deal, you pay £60.
  • Gold Package:
    This covers a 1-hour massage and 1-hour luxury manicure or pedicure with a luxury Royal Jelly facial. The gold package is a premium deal at a discounted rate, offering full value for money. The original cost is £165, but it costs just £90 with the voucher.

You can choose to upgrade the voucher at £30 each level. Vouchers can be used for any type of service and it valid for up to 4 months. There is no limit to the number of vouchers you can buy.

Do you wish to buy a gift voucher? Call 01723 719009 or visit our salon at Langford Suites, 8 – 16 Third Avenue, Hove.

Vouchers can be received via email or direct mail by any recipient in the UK.

Special offers and deals at Match Skin Salon

Offer and deals can also be for various types of customer segments and service categories. From first time promos to group rates and off-peak specials. Don’t miss out on our giveaways.

Spa Packages

We all love luxury spa experiences; being pampered at a relaxing clinic or beauty spa is an effective way to rid stress from your body, mind and spirit. If you are looking for amazing deals to enjoy a spa treat, look no further than Match Skin Salon, Brighton and Hove. We have plenty bargains and discounts for you and your friends.

Spa Special Offers

Our spa deal packages offer a sizable discount because they provide various services in bundles. So, if you want a one-day package including various treatments or series of massages from an aesthetician or beauty therapist, you can get them at a reduced rate.

New Customer Promos

Our salon usually offers special rates for first-time visitors as a welcome token. We advise you to take advantage of this opportunity and start your relationship with us on a good note. The same applies to loyal customers, particularly those who refer us to their family and friends. We give incentive packages and gift vouchers to customers who successful introduce newcomers.
Also, longstanding customers stand to benefit from reduced rates as an appreciation of their commitment to our services. Come with a friend or family member and enjoy a sizable discount on the house.

Group Rate Offers

Planning a girls’ only weekend? Or a day out for facials with your friends? Make it Match Skin Salon. We have some of the best group rates in Brighton and Hove. If you have enough spa partners, you will score a great price deal. Check the reviews on our page! So, the next time you are due for a spa break, invite your friends. There is no limit; the more the merrier.

Off-season Spa Special Deals

We have our peak and off-season periods in the year. During the off-season, we offer discounted prices for people looking to take advantage of the serene atmosphere in our spa pamper rooms. The beauty of this arrangement is that you get to enjoy special treatments without disturbance from other customers. We have discovered that some customers prefer the privacy.

Most of our packages contain the non-surgical CACI facial (one hour). They range from; the CACI Jowl Lift, CACI Revival, Meso Bio Lift, CACI Eye Revival, CACI rejuvenation, CACI Lip Plump, CACI Facial, CACI Buttock lift and more.

If you want to remove acne scars and skin-ageing signs, our Derma pen is a micro-needling procedure with mask that is guaranteed to produce satisfactory results. We also offer Microdermabrasion and IPL Hair Removal. Treatment is always preceded by a mandatory consultation.

Have you been paying too much for less?

Choose our affordable spa offers today. 01273 719009 .


Prenatal massage is highly recommended for pregnant women. It is very effective in easing accumulated emotional and physical stresses of pregnancy. It helps to decrease swelling, and relieves aches and pains, and promote relaxation. A massage therapist with specialized training is experienced in effectively positioning and supporting the woman’s body during the massage and knows when to make technique adjustments and when to avoid certain areas and techniques at specific stages of pregnancy. The recipient often lies on her side during the massage. A special table is often provided to ensure that the pregnant woman is comfortable and safe through the massage.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic pain, cognitive imbalances, and tiredness. Depending on the sensitivity level, a light massage such as those offered by Swedish massage, Shiatsu, cranial-sacral therapy, reflexology, and myofascial is often beneficial. Deep tissue massage and hot stone massage are also known to be very effective against fibromyalgia when the two techniques are complemented.

  • Reflexology: points in the hands and feet are stimulated which causes a general body relaxation. It makes use of light pressure applied in short bursts.
  • Swedish massage: the entire body is massaged with the use of kneading movements and long strokes.
  • Cranial-sacral therapy: the overall muscle function can be improved by applying pressure to the key areas of the skull and the lower spine.

The direct and reflex reaction of the stimulated nerves determines the effects of massage therapy on the nervous system. The type, and length, and technique of a massage session undergone would determine whether the nervous system would be soothed or stimulated. Whichever the case, massage therapy has a soothing, calming, and relaxing effect on the nervous system and on the body as a whole.

Massage helps to balance the autonomic nervous system, releases endorphins and enhances the neurotransmitters of the brain, prevents nerve entrapment, prevents the compression of the nerve roots often caused by muscle tension, stimulates the nerve receptors and affects the vasomotor nerves, pain preceptors, underlying joints and muscles, as well as other internal organs.

Massage promotes the functioning of the cardiovascular system and improves blood flow throughout the body, including to and from the lungs. It boosts the respiratory system by stabilizing the breathing pattern and deepening the intake of air. Massage is beneficial for the lungs by promoting relaxation and enhancing breathing. Some of the benefits of massage for the respiratory system include:

  • It releases breathing tension by relieving pressure in the structures of the respiratory system
  • It relieves congestion in the lungs
  • Improves blood flow to the lungs through strengthening the cardiovascular system and fosters the absorption of oxygen
  • Helps to relieve asthma symptoms and encourage deep breathing


Getting massage sessions on a regular basis has a long term effect of enhancing blood circulation alongside other numerous benefits. Pressure supplied by the various massage types and techniques facilitates circulation and increases blood flow through various congested areas and encourages the abundance of oxygenated blood. Lactic acid accumulation in the muscles is also flushed out a through the squeezing and pulling movements of massage sessions. It also promotes the lymphatic system and encourages the circulation of lymph fluids. The lymph fluids remove metabolic wastes from the muscles and internal organs. Massage helps people with high blood pressure to recover and also improves the body function.

Massage is very effective against neck pain. Certain types of massage such as deep tissue massage, chair massage, and trigger point massage could be highly beneficial.

  • Chair massage: the neck, shoulders, and back are massaged while sitting face forward in a chair. Highly effective in relieving tension at the upper part of the body.
  • Deep tissue massage: involves the application of pressure on specific trouble points. The troubled muscles are pushed into, often far down to the bone to provide relief.
  • Trigger point massage: focuses on specific areas to relieve pain instead of working entire muscle groups. It pinpoints the exact problem spots makes use of deep pressure to coax and relax them. It loosens tight areas and relieves muscle pain and injuries and focuses on relieving even the minutest knots that cause tension in the body.

Massage manipulates trigger points and typically deals with the underlying causes of chronic pain. It manipulates the soft tissues and is an effective neuromuscular therapy. Tennis elbow is as a result of repetitive motion which causes strains on the area.  There is the common extensor tendon in the elbow which lies near a trigger point popularly referred to as Perfect Spot No.5. When this trigger point is manipulated by skilled massage therapists, it provides a great amount of relief against wrist pain and the tennis elbow. Also, certain areas of the body are often linked. When a massage therapist applies pressure on seemingly unrelated areas of the body such as an area in the neck, and the scalene muscles, it reduces the discomfort caused by tennis elbow. These seemingly unrelated areas of the body are directly linked to the area of pain.


Massage promotes increased circulation and is beneficial in the treatment of frozen shoulder. It promotes increased blood flow to the injured region and reduces the formation of scar tissues. Getting regular massages would help to relieve pinched muscles and reduce stiffness. Although massage techniques alone would not be sufficient to safely break the adhesions in the shoulder joint capsule, after several massage sessions over a period of time, the stiffness and pain typically gets relieved. Deep tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, and hot stone massage are effective in encouraging the process of recovery.

  • Long stroke and gentle kneading of Swedish massage helps to reduce muscle stress and tension
  • Steady pressure on targeted points applied in trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage helps to relieve muscle spasms and release scar tissues or adhesions which could cause shoulder pain
  • Heat therapy of hot stone massage increases circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Sciatic pain occurs as a result of the irritation or pinching of the sciatic nerve roots in the lower back. It is characterized by tingling, numbness, or pain that goes down from the lower back to the legs. Massage is effective in alleviating sciatic pain in two major ways:

  • Massage promotes the release of feel good endorphins which fight pain and provide relief from symptoms such as burning leg sensations and throbbing pain.
  • It relieves tight lower back muscles which put pressure on the nerve roots. Massage loosens tight muscles and relieves and prevents nerve and muscle pinching and irritation.

Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are effective against pinched nerves.

  • Trigger point massage: focuses on specific areas to relieve pain instead of working entire muscle groups. It pinpoints the exact problem spots makes use of deep pressure to coax and relax them. It loosens tight areas and relieves muscle pain and injuries it focuses on relieving even the minutest knots that cause tension in the body. Toxins often accumulate in certain regions of the body. Trigger point massage locates trigger points and applies pressure which often travels to an entirely different part of the body and causes relief.
  • Deep tissue massage: involves the application of pressure on specific trouble points. The troubled muscles are pushed into, often far down to the bone. It is often preferred by athletes who undergo strenuous muscle workouts. It could leave you feeling sore after an intense session but is a very specific and effective methodical treatment.

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, and prenatal massage are very good for stress relief.

  • Swedish massage: often recommended for getting a massage for the very first time. It is very effective for stress relief, relaxation, couples massage, and releasing tense or cramped muscles.
  • Prenatal massage: is best for easing accumulated emotional and physical stresses of pregnancy. It helps to decrease swelling, and relieves aches and pains.
  • Trigger point massage: it focuses on relieving even the minutest knots that cause tension in the body. Toxins often accumulate in certain regions of the body. Trigger point massage locates trigger points and applies pressure which often travels to an entirely different part of the body and causes relief.
  • Deep tissue massage: makes use of various techniques such as friction, petrissage and tapotement to increase to increase concentrated blood flow and relieve the traumatized areas of the body.
  • Sports massage: usually receive before and after an athletic activity. It is typically ideal for people with physically active lifestyle.

Aromatherapy massage, lymphatic massage, and abdominal massage are often very effective for weight loss.

  • Abdominal massage: often done while taking deep breathes. It helps to wash off toxins from the body and boost the body metabolism and the digestive system. These cause a change in lifestyle and encourage healthy eating habits. It encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. It charges the body and encourages a person to beat boundaries during workout. Reduces the feeling of lethargy. It promotes circulation, tones the muscles, relieves stress, heals, rejuvenates, and causes weight loss.
  • Aromatherapy massage: encourages restful sleep, relieves muscle pain, rejuvenates the body, and provides energy through a healthy diet, workout regimen, and massage regimen.
  • Lymphatic massage: lymphatic massages boost the body’s metabolism and improves the immune system. It flushes off toxins from the body and gets rid of stress and anxiety. It discourages overeating and the consumption of unhealthy food and improves proper eating habits. It is also good for recovery from an injury.

Neuromuscular therapy and Shiatsu massage are often best for relieving back pain.

  • Neuromuscular therapy falls under trigger point massage which focuses on specific regions for the relief of pain and pressure. It involves the application of pressure to muscle areas that are painful to the touch (muscle spasms). It targets the underlying causes of chronic pain that involves the nervous and muscular systems. It addresses postural issues, circulation problems, trigger points, biomechanical problems, and nerve compressions.
  • Shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese technique that literally means finger pressure. It works on different pressure points with a combination of gentle stretches and finger pressure and fixes imbalances in the body’s energy flow. Undressing is not required for Shiatsu massage. It calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, alleviates stress, improves the circulation, and relieves stiff muscles.

Deep tissue massage, trigger point, sports massage, and Swedish massage are often best for sore muscles.

  • Deep tissue massage involves the application of pressure on specific trouble points. The troubled muscles are pushed into, often far down to the bone. It is often preferred by athletes who undergo strenuous muscle workouts.
  • Trigger point massage: focuses on specific areas to relieve pain instead of working entire muscle groups. It loosens tight areas and relieves muscle pain and injuries.
  • Sports massage: the entire body is rubbed and the muscles are kneaded. It improves circulation and promote muscle repair after intense workout.
  • Swedish massage: Swedish massage uses circular motions and gentle strokes to help relaxation and relieve sore muscles.


Aromatherapy massage is often best for anxiety. It is a Swedish massage that incorporates scented plant oils which are known as essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, seeds, and other plant parts and have pleasant scents. They are also believed to have healing properties, promote relaxation and relieve anxiety. Pre-blended oils are typically used during the massage to energize and uplift. Oils are often also selected to effectively satisfy specific needs. Aromatherapy massage is also very effective in relieving headaches, back pain, some digestive disorders, insomnia, and premenstrual symptoms. It is often advised to inquire about the contents of the oils used for the massage just in case a person has allergies and the use of some oils may cause reactions to the skin. Sports massage also helps to reduce anxiety, especially for people preparing for a competitive sport.

The term relaxation is often ambiguous. A spa like environment could often mean relaxation for some, while for others relaxation would mean working out muscle tension, stretching the muscles, and getting intense sensations that trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. However, some massages are more soothing than others and create a feeling of being wrapped in a cloud. You might consider the following types of massage:

  • Swedish massage: consist of long sweeping strokes (effleurage), muscle kneading and rolling (perissage), friction (deep pressure applied with the knuckles, thumb, or fingertips), rhythmic tapping (tapotement), and rocking and shaking movements (vibration).
  • Hot stone massage: body is massaged and weighed down with hot, smooth stones
  • Chair massage: the neck, shoulders, and back are massaged while sitting face forward in a chair. Clears the tension at the upper part of the body. Undressing or use of oils is not required.

Your well-being is of paramount importance to us. So, prior to providing treatment, please let us know if you have any of the following medical conditions:

  • Any injury or medical condition that could affect your massage
  • Recent surgery
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Any heart condition

We’ve been providing massage services in Brighton for years now and have a long, diverse list of satisfied clients. Suffice to say, we are staffed by qualified and talented masseuses in Brighton, who offer only the finest services. Each and every one of our massage therapists are regularly trained how to provide improved, more satisfying services to our clients. A trial with us will surely impress you. So, give us a call today to get started.

Booking an appointment with us is easy. You can either book online via our website or give us a call. Your booking and appointment date will be confirmed when you do so.

Load More

Unwind and relax at our luxurious tranquil massage treatment room, offering an array of massages. We are very proud of our new luxury massage room. We have thought of everything, firstly choosing the right masseuse.

All our staff are caring, passionate and take pride in every detail.

We have thought of everything, shower, perfect room and bed temperature, soothing music, scents, slipper and gowns provided.


Couples massage treatments

Visit our large but cosy couples room. With busy schedules it’s an ideal way to relax and be pampered together.

This divine 2 hour long treatment consist of one hour Luxury Facial and one hour Massage for two with a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival, only £199.



BAMBOO 60 75
CANDLE 65 75





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