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Top Nail Trends for Autumn 2015

12th October 2015

Autumn Nails
It’s becoming more noticeable by the day; our fleeting glimpse of summer is behind us, and aside from the occasional warm day that clings onto the sunshine, autumn is going into full effect, and with it the weather has changed. Aside from the weather becoming drearier, autumn can be a very beautiful time of the year, with nature reflecting this in all its orange, red and brown glory. As we all know fashion operates on a similar cycle to the seasons, with different fashion tropes coming into play for the winter, spring, summer and autumn, and the lacquers that we choose for our nails should reflect this. As autumn fashions start to emerge, so do trends in nails, and in this article we’ll look at a few trends that you should be aware of.

Less is More

Simple Nails
At present the big names in fashion are shying away from more intricate looking nail patterns, with the emphasis of less being more continuing through from summer. If you’ve already embraced this trend then you already know the score, but if not this autumn you want to utilise more natural tones and aim for more plain polishes that produce a matt finish or a simple shine, rather than anything more focused on glitter or textured finishes.

Skin Tones

Natural Nails
More natural tones appear to be gaining in popularity again, and matching your nails to a tone that closely echoes your skin tone looks set to be very in. Obviously you still want to show that your nails have been cared for, so don’t worry if you’re adverse to completely natural or nude nails, the trick here is to give the effect of continuity from your hand through to your nails. Or to put it another way; you want to aim for ‘barely there’ rather than ‘nothing at all’.

Darker Shades

Darker Nails
Don’t worry if you’re adverse to more natural shades because darker shades look set to trend throughout this autumn. As the days get shorter and darker your nails can echo this. A lot of very earthy darker shades are being seen on the catwalk, so look towards darker greens and browns that can offer up some contrast to your natural skin tone. This should echo the changes in the environment around you as the natural foliage starts to subside and more earthy tones are visible everywhere we go.

Subtle Accents

Accent Nails
Nail art has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and while the trend hasn’t gone away it’s following the popularity of a more minimalist look. This means that to keep up with the trends but retain your nail art you want to aim for either subtle accents of glitter or simple bold patterns such as straight lines or a small pattern in the middle of the nail. If you haven’t gotten into the nail art trend before because you found it to be a bit too loud for your tastes, now might be a good time to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy it while it’s a bit more subdued.

Keep Your Eyes on the Catwalk

As far as the world of fashion is concerned autumn trends have long been in effect, but if you’ve missed all the big announcements because you were too busy enjoying the good weather, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on some of the big names in the world of fashion journalism. At present a handful of publications have already started tracking the big changes to the autumn fashion, and we recommend taking a look at the galleries that Bazaar, Elle and Vogue (apologies for the American use of “fall” in these articles rather than ‘autumn’) have posted on the upcoming autumn nail trends:

Bazaar GalleryElle GalleryVogue Gallery

Use OPI Nail Products

We’re strong believers in the quality of the OPI brand when it comes to nail lacquer, and we use a wide range of their nail polishes and gels at Match Skin Salon. If you have a colour in mind we’re confident that we can find it for you in our stock of OPI nail lacquers. OPI have recently revealed their Venice collection for the “Fall” 2015 season, and it’s clear that natural autumn tones are at the forefront of this collection. If you watch the announcement video below you’ll see that many of the natural and neutral tones that we’ve covered are present.

Want Some More Autumn Fashion Tips?

At Match Skin Salon our beauticians aren’t just highly skilled and talented at giving great manicures that leave you with beautiful nails; they’re also quite a fashionable bunch who keeps up to date on the latest trends. From experience with our many satisfied clients they also know what works, so if you have an idea for your autumn look that you’re not sure will work well with your nails, or if you just want some suggestions on what will look best, they’re more than happy to help you. Our team are very friendly and aside from making your time in our Brighton Nail Salon a pleasurable and relaxing experience, we want to know that you’ll leave us delighted with the work that we’ve done to your nails.

If you want to get some advice before coming in you can easily contact us using our online contact form, or alternatively you can send an email to or call us on 01273 719009. Alternatively if you happen to be in Brighton stocking up on the latest autumn fashions then feel free to stop by our nail salon on Duke Street. We’re right next to Chruchill Shopping Centre in the lanes, and offer the perfect tranquil solution to the busy streets of Brighton.

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