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Spring into Hawaiian like weather with OPI and a Manicure in Brighton

11th May 2015

We’ve been promised some fabulous weather for the next few months in Brighton and it looks like we’re going to see some warm days ahead of us. That’s right, spring is here, and everyone wants to join in with the time of year when nature starts to wake from her winter slumber to bring us new life and all the glorious colours that come with it. This makes it the ideal time to pamper yourself, like many already have, and get a great vibrant look going with a manicure and pedicure in our Brighton Nail Salon. We know that Spring is symbolic of renewal and the world around us shows that as nature comes to life with bright colours and fills us with all the frivolity that comes with the season. In Brighton we know that the warmer weather means that we’ve got a glimpse of the summer, and that glimpse means that the beach is about to fill up with eager sun worshippers who want to bask in spring’s sneak peek of what’s to come. It’s time to show nature that you’re ready to join in and share in all her vibrant colour.

OPI clearly have the bright colours of spring in mind with their recently launched Hawaii Collection. The collection which offers a choice of colours that would be perfect for a manicure in Brighton, and contains a selection of nail lacquers to give that extra dazzle.

OPI Nails Hawaii Collection – Keep Things Neutral

We hope that Suzi shops in our sister shop before she hops off with the subtle baby pink of ‘Suzi Shops & Island Hops’. The subtle nude tones of ‘Do You Take Lei Away?’ and the dusk like purple of ‘Hello Hawaii Ya?’ are a great way to start breaking into those Spring tones, but if you want to really embrace how fresh Spring can be, OPI have pulled off a great light mint green in ‘That’s Hula-rious!’

OPI Nails Hawaii Collection – Shimmer and Exuberance

If the subtler tones like baby pink just aren’t enough for you, OPI have ‘Just Lana-ing Around’, a more floral friendly dark pink with a shimmer, whilst the exuberant gold and glitter of ‘Pineapple’s Have Peelings Too!’ will really show that you’re ready to embrace the explosion of colour that is to come. If you really want to let people know that you’ve been to the Brighton seaside to get your manicure, ‘This Color’s Making Waves’ gives a great blue, green and pink shimmer that complements the sea perfectly. If you want to embrace those vibrant spring colours that nature gives us, ‘My Gecko Does Tricks’ with its bright plant-like green and ‘Lost My Bikini in Molokini’ with its flowers in bloom medium purple really make you think of nature bounding into spring.

OPI Nails Hawaii Collection – Bright & Vibrant

Want to go bright but keep things subtle, then there’s the vibrant red ‘Aloha from OPI’ that has great colour, but if you want that little bit more then ‘Go With The Lava Flow’ has you covered, with pink and red shimmer that emphasises that feeling of the days getting longer and brighter. Last but not least, nothing quite makes you think about the beach like some Tiki torches and a nice Mai Tai. ‘Is Mai Tai Crooked?’ echoes this with a subtle orange that will look great with most skin tones.

Green Traffic Light for Great Nails in Spring

With all this talk of exuberance and vibrant colours, just remember that our nail salon in Brighton is a tranquil, relaxing and comfortable environment, a place where you can unwind and enjoy your visit whilst we make sure that you have your nails done the way that you want, while spring unfolds in the nearby lanes. Our nail salon in Brighton is a great place to take it easy and enjoy a manicure or pedicure using the best products, including the OPI Hawaii collection, as well as other OPI Classic and OPI Gel collections.

If you’d rather take a look at this great collection in person to really get a feel for it, or just get some advice on what would work best for you, then you’re in luck! All of these new Nail Lacquers from OPI and the rest of their Hawaii-centric Collection are available in our Nail Salon on Duke Street, in the heart of The Lanes, Brighton. Feel free to stop by and see what we have to offer, or you can either make a booking online or call us on 01273 719009 to get a relaxing manicure or pedicure in tranquil settings, our highly trained beauticians and nail technicians will be more than happy to help you choose the colour that’s right for you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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