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Lip Hair Removal Treatments in Brighton, East Sussex

Upper Lip Hair Removal at Match Skin Salon, Brighton and Hove

Ladies, you know that removing hair on your upper lip can be daunting. Plucking is not an option and shaving certainly isn’t.

For such hair removal treatments, you are best attended to by a beauty professional. The upper lip area is delicate; you need a painless, targeted approach to ensure that every hair is removed in the most convenient way possible.

At Match Skin Salon, we have a variety of novel options, aimed at giving you that smooth, beautiful look you deserve. Our therapists are not only well-trained, but experienced in providing healthy skin care solutions. We assure you a safe procedure with 100% satisfactory results.

From waxing to threading and our very own laser IPL treatment, you have an extensive range of comfortable procedures to choose from. Throughout Brighton and Hove, we guarantee that no other beauty salon does it like we do – not even when it comes to pricing.

Are you concerned about your upper lip hair?

Talk to a professional. 01273 719009

Effective lip hair removal in Brighton and Hove

Of all the beauty treatment procedures available, facial hair removal is arguably the least pleasant – more so, lip hair removal. This is probably because the face is the most visible body part, and people with sensitive skin run the risk of developing a rash if the treatment goes awry.

Procedures such as plucking with tweezers may be popular, but it is painful and labour-intensive. Hair removal doesn’t have to be difficult, provided you select the right treatment for your hair and skin type.

At Match Skin Salon, we have many convenient options that don’t require wincing in pain. From the moment you enter the salon, a friendly receptionist will attend to you. Our zen-themed treatment rooms are designed to help you relax and feel comfortable. Our therapists are friendly, yet professional. Every customer is treated like royalty.

If you’d like to book an appointment, you can send a message via our contact form.

Our hair removal solutions

At Match Skin Salon, we like to keep our options as extensive as possible. We understand that people have different skin types, end each type requires a specific treatment.

We always provide a free consultation and patch test before commencing any procedure. This allows our dermatologist to determine the best course of action suitable for you. We will also ask questions about your skin care regimen, as well as the procedure you will be most comfortable with.

For procedures like IPL or luxury hot wax, a patch test is imperative for every customer. We usually apply a small amount of the ingredient on the inner, lower arm. Then, rub it in and allow to dry on the skin. After several hours, we check for signs of a reaction. If it is clear, we proceed with the main treatment. Otherwise, we explore alternative treatment methods.

1. The luxury hot wax:

We use the Harley Wax Film for all areas. The lip comes under the small area category in which our aestheticians are trained to perform. The Harley Film wax is perfect for all types of waxing, from facials to intimate procedures. It is a technologically advanced hybrid of a hot wax and a strip wax.

The Harley Film wax removes hair as short as 1mm and eliminates the need to tweeze. It is produced to high standards in the UK and is fantastic for facials.

With the finest ingredients and essential oils, the film wax’s low-melt temperature guarantees comfort and 100% satisfaction. In addition to essential oils, it contains pine tree resin and beeswax; it does not leave a sticky residue.

The Harley Film Wax is suitable for all skin types, and we use a special Rose Wax for delicate skin. For maximum results, we provide our Pre-waxing, Cleanser and After-treatment oils. If you have excess hair on your lip area, rest assured our procedures provide a convenient solution for perfectly smooth, hairless skin.

2. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light):

This is a high-tech laser treatment method that our aestheticians use to eliminate unwanted hair on certain parts of the body. The IPL uses an efficient monochromatic laser light to target hair-growth follicles under the skin.

When we apply IPL treatments to the skin epidermis and the hair root of the upper lips, the papilla that produce hair is destroyed by the heat generated during treatment. The Forma Light System is ideal for most skin types and produces excellent, painless results after just a few procedures.

Match Skin Salon also offers IPL Skin Rejuvenation procedures – an effective solution to mitigating the effects of aging and skin pigmentation. For that attractive, full-pout look, choose our proven techniques today. We pride ourselves on being the foremost beauty solutions-provider in Brighton and Hove.

Always go professional

Waxing is best performed by a professional therapist. It is not worth risking the skin burns or scabs you are likely to get if attempted at home. Our salons provide the safest, most gentle formula for the face and every aesthetician is trained to ensure you receive complete satisfaction after any procedure.

The best way to achieve a less-painful waxing experience is to do so regularly, so you can target unwanted hair in various stages of growth. We have developed techniques and after-treatment creams to make recovery quicker and comfortable.

Why choose Match Skin Salon?

Upper lip hair removal is only one part of our treatment services. Match Skin Salon is a premier salon with extensive knowledge in other procedures such as facials, massages, scar removal and more.

Down the years, we have maintained our commitment to excellent service by understanding and providing the best solutions for our customers. From painless procedures to comfort, amiable customer service and quality products, Match Skin Salon has set itself apart from ordinary salons in Brighton and Hove and surrounding environs.

People prefer our service for its technologically advanced solutions, free consultation and highly-competitive prices. We rarely get any complaints and our customers are 90% more likely to return or give referrals to their friends and family.

Try Our Painless Upper Lip Hair Removal Treatment Today.

Call 01273 719009

Information About Brighton

  • Match Skin Salon offers Lip Hair Removal Treatments in Brighton, East Sussex, a large town located in South East England.
  • Brighton is part of the City of Brighton and Hove Unitary Authority which forms the greater Brighton and Hove built-up area in Sussex.
  • A large number of leading businesses make Brighton and East Sussex their home including Match Skin Salon.
  • Brighton was previously known as Brighthelmstone.
  • Blightey & Brighthelmstone are still frequently used nicknames.
  • Over the years Brighton has assimilated villages and a number of settlements including Aldrington, Hangleton, Old Steine, Bevendean, Hangleton, Brunswick, Coldean and Black Rock.
  • Match Skin Salon’s Lip Hair Removal Treatments area like-wise encompasses Moulsecoomb, Hollingbury, Hollingdean, Hove and Mile Oak in the City of Brighton and Hove.
  • Other service areas of Match Skin Salon in Brighton, Sussex are comprised of Patcham, Ovingdean, Rottingdean, Portslade-by-Sea and Saltdean,
  • as well as Brighton and Hove’s outlying urban areas Woodingdean, Westdene, Withdean and West Blatchington.
  • Just as importantly, Finally yet importantly, Match Skin Salon’s Lip Hair Removal Treatments cover the Brighton Municipality along with Bear Road area, Stanmer and Brighton Marina.
  • Brighton is covered by the BN postcode area.
  • The University of Brighton and Sussex University are distinguished through out the United Kingdom.
  • Preston Park, Brighton and Queen’s Park, Brighton are are popular with local residents and known through out England.
  • The major roads of Brighton are the A27 road and A23 road.
  • The town of Brighton and Hove is bordered by Littlehampton, Shoreham, Worthing, Lancing, Sompting and Southwick to the West.
  • To the East of the town of Brighton is bordered by Peacehaven, Lewes and Burgess Hill.



Small Area Medium Large
Upper Lip Face Half Leg
Knuckles Under Arms Whole Bikini
Chin Around Bikini Arms
Tummy Back



No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 35 35
3 25 75
6 20 120
9 18 162
12 15 180


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 59 59
3 49 147
6 45 270
9 40 360
12 37 444


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 75 75
3 65 195
6 60 360
9 55 495
12 50 600





Upper lip 10 Half leg 24
Chin 10 Full leg 35
Eyebrows 15 Underarm 16
Lower half face 18 Forearm 18
Navel line 10 Full arm 24
Underarm 18 Chest 35
Standard bikini 18 Back 35
High leg bikini 22 Standard bikini 16
Brazilian 35 High leg bikini 20
Hollywood 40 Eyebrows 10

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