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Hair Removal Treatments Brighton and Hove

Hair Removal Treatments in Brighton and Hove

Nearly all of us have hair in places we don’t want. Spending time shaving and plucking only leads to short term or even painful results. At Match Skin Salon, we are highly experienced in all kinds of hair removal treatments, including waxing and permanent IPL laser hair removal in Brighton and Hove. We follow a strict process to ensure you get the best service possible, providing careful attention to your health and well-being.

Whether you are familiar with hair removal treatments or a complete beginner, we are confident that your experience at Match Skin Salon will be relaxing, comfortable and pleasant. We have created a comfortable and serene ambience with clean décor, air conditioning and flat screen televisions in each of our rooms. Simply come in to our bright and modern salon for your hair removal treatments. You’ll be glad you did.

Qualified Professional Hair Removal Treatment Therapists

Our hair removal experts are fully qualified, with years of experience and constant training so that they can always deliver the highest level of treatments. We choose our therapists according to skill level, professional knowledge and personality. They’ve undergone rigorous training to be certified and are committed to developing and perfecting new hair removal treatment techniques. Each time you visit Match Skin Salon, we endeavour to give you perfect results, so that you can leave knowing you’ve received premium hair removal treatment.

Whether you’re looking for a neat bikini line, silky smooth legs or a full body wax, you’ll be in safe and capable hands with our therapists. They are Brighton’s best after all! Match Skin Salon offers a service that is 100% professional and discreet, so don’t worry about getting hair removal treatment for any part of your body. From facial hair to legs and everything in between, it’s all taken care of here at Match Skin Salon.

High-Quality Hair Removal Treatment Products

Match Skin Salon is committed to providing high-quality hair removal treatments, using unique hair removal techniques combined with innovative face and body hair removal products. Our aim is to give you safe, affordable and efficient hair removal without compromising on quality. Our team of highly experienced therapists will go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy a hygienic and comfortable hair removal procedure in a relaxing, clean and comfortable environment.

Our treatment products are of the highest quality, leaving your skin smooth and silky for a long time. We are committed to providing these products and services with the highest professionalism, discretion and gentleness.

As part of our services, you’ll meet with an expert in a consulting session before starting hair removal and will be required to provide answers relevant to your health and any other conditions related to the treatment you’re interested in. in some cases, we will refuse treatment when specific criteria aren’t met.
The hair removal treatments we offer in Brighton and Hove include:

Facial Hair Removal

Unwanted or excess hair on the face can cause emotional distress and feelings of discomfort and self-consciousness. Other traditional methods – such as threading or shaving – often lead to discomfort during removal or damage to the skin leading to ingrown hairs. There are effective long lasting hair removal treatments that can help to remove excess hair. Some of these treatments can even offer a drastic reduction or permanent facial hair removal. Laser treatment is highly effective and can be a permanent and painless solution for facial hair.

Lip Hair Removal

The area above your mouth is small and delicate. Therefore it can be dangerous to use just about any over the counter product to try and remove upper lip hair. Also, bleaching creams and other harsh chemicals can burn your skin. Instead of a less noticeable line of hair, there could be a red rash.

Upper lip hair removal laser treatment (or electrolysis) is the most effective, longest lasting solution for lip hair. Laser treatment is safe, kills areas of many hairs at once, and results in the complete removal of lip hair. With electrolysis, our trained therapists insert a tiny probe into the skin next to the hair follicle and zap it with a small jolt of electricity to permanently stop hair growth. The process is time consuming, but your lip hair problem will be gone for good.

Permanent Hair Removal

Our permanent hair removal here at Match Skin Salon is fast and painless, and suitable for all skin types. We make use of SHR (Super Hair Removal Technology) lasers, a revolutionary method of permanent hair removal that is free of side effects and practically pain-free. Unlike other methods of hair removal including laser and IPL, you can get a faster and safer hair removal with SHR.

This new method of hair removal involves a gentle heating up of the hair follicles, which leads to a warm, tingling sensation that according to clients, feels like a warm and comforting massage. Our permanent hair removal treatment makes use of In-Motion™ technology, where the hand piece is moved over the client’s skin. Permanent hair removal has the following benefits:

• Pain Free just feel like a warming sensation
• More Effective Than standard IPL
• Can Treat All Skin and Hair Types –Even Tanned Skin
• Faster Results Than IPL – Typically 4-8 Treatments


At Match Skin Salon, you’ll receive focused, fast and friendly waxing service for men and women. Our waxing treatments are virtually pain-free, professional treatments carried out by experts. Whether you are familiar with waxing or getting your very first wax, we can assure you that your experience here at our salon will be worthwhile. The types of waxing treatments we offer include:

Film waxing

We make use of the Harley Film Wax, which is excellent for different forms of intimate waxing from facial and lip waxing to Brazilian. There will no longer be any need to tweeze hairs, and we’ll remove those as short as 1mm. All of our Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK.

Hot waxing

Our Harley Hot Waxes are ideal for smaller and more sensitive areas. It is made from the finest ingredients and essential oils and guarantees comfort and complete satisfaction with its low-melt temperature. It does not leave a sticky residue on your skin and we’ll provide pre-waxing and after care oils for best results.

Strip waxing

We make use of the Harley Strip Wax, which is best for larger areas. It provides faster results when used on legs and arms compared to hot waxing. The strip waxes have an extra-long grip, with no sticky residue or skin drag. This method can remove hair as short as 1mm. Male clients can use our Gold Wax and people with sensitive skins can use our Rose Wax. Strip waxing is suitable for all skin types. We also provide cleansers, pre-waxing and after care oils for best results.

At Match Skin Salon, we perform wax treatments in the most hygienic conditions. There is no double dipping, and wooden spatulas are discarded after they have been dipped once in the wax and applied to the skin. Our wax therefore stays completely clean and prevents cross contamination between clients.

Beautifully Smooth Skin, Anywhere

Here at Match Skin Salon, we have developed the next generation in hair removal treatments. Our techniques revolutionise hair removal and offers results that are luxurious, long lasting and incredibly comfortable. It’s professional hair removal like you’ve never experienced before.
Our treatments can be performed on any part of your body. No matter the area you want to be rid of hair, we’ll leave you with beautifully smooth skin that you can’t keep your hands off. Our experts know how to ensure you have a comfortable experience, and we are waiting to hear from you.

Call us today on

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Small Area Medium Large
Upper Lip Face Half Leg
Knuckles Under Arms Whole Bikini
Chin Around Bikini Arms
Tummy Back



No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 35 35
3 25 75
6 20 120
9 18 162
12 15 180


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 59 59
3 49 147
6 45 270
9 40 360
12 37 444


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 75 75
3 65 195
6 60 360
9 55 495
12 50 600





Upper lip 10 Half leg 24
Chin 10 Full leg 35
Eyebrows 15 Underarm 16
Lower half face 18 Forearm 18
Navel line 10 Full arm 24
Underarm 18 Chest 35
Standard bikini 18 Back 35
High leg bikini 22 Standard bikini 16
Brazilian 35 High leg bikini 20
Hollywood 40 Eyebrows 10

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